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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Polemic issue of apostasy, between argument and dictate. -English

The issue of religious freedom should be seen in the wider context of purity and peace. In accordance with the meaning of Islam which means peace, then all the differences of opinion and understanding about it sure can be solved with a pure and peaceful. Allah Ta'ala educate worshipers that faith-based life is perfect. However, this perfect beliefs nurtured based on knowledge, and the main source of knowledge in Islam is the Quran and the Sunnah.

The order of "read" made as the first commandment by God Almighty to Prophet Muhammad SAW as indicating the importance of knowledge and show that the Quran as the main reading material to be digested by the Muslims. Clear here, that Islam is a religion based on arguments and evidence. Islam emphasizes knowledge, the Quran as the main source of knowledge in Islam preserved by Allah Ta'ala all the content up to date.
We must trust and believe that Islam has all the solutions, the solution to every problem plaguing mankind. In the economic sphere, Islam prohibits transactions involving riba, also prevented Muslims involved with gambling and corruption, as business involving riba, gambling activities and oppressive corrupt and prone to damage, not only to themselves, their families, communities and even to the country .
Buddhists, as the majority of them are Chinese themselves do not agree if gambling is associated with the Chinese, because they themselves are not agree with these activities. So, if Islam forbid gambling, of course is because of gambling activities can cause damage and destruction.
This is an example of how Islam actually came to administer the affairs of the people with arguments and certainly make sense and follow the nature of human beings.

On the issue of religious freedom also, Islam is not a religion that is autocratic or dictatorial, forcing other religions-Islam by force. In fact, the application of Islamic values ​​and teachings also is done gradually and with great wisdom.

All decrees and orders by Allah Ta'ala for Muslims must be carried out as well as the restrictions and prohibitions were left with a full awareness of compulsory and based on the argument that clear. In Islam, we are forbidden to blindly follow, as proof that in Islam, the first priority is Knowledge. Knowledge is the source of true faith and beliefs.

We should be optimistic about the ability of Islam to argue on the basis of truth in the matter of religious freedom to non-Muslims. At the same time, we cannot force non-Muslims, even though the Muslim community to accept the argument that we provide because Islam is not a religion of force.

Problem of apostasy occurred, could not be solved by simply setting the act and the regulations, if the basics of religious education is not emphasized. Symptoms of widespread apostasy is not because the relaxation in the act and regulations, but the failure of the basic functions of religious education among Muslims in Malaysia. This matter of education should be given serious attention by all parties.

If we do not understand the basis of religion, how we want to defend it? Polemic issue of apostasy and religious freedom in fact not new, but often it is raised by the interested parties to gain support or evoke emotions of Muslims. Finally, we will be just like winning cheers, village pawned.

Mohd Farid Bin Hamlud
Parit Care.


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